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Zara after the scandal of the dead rat tip on solidarity


A few weeks ago, the news of the ugly discovery of a dead rat sewn into a jacket of ZARA went all around the world and in every possible social feed. It is not the first time that Zara, one of the most famous low cost fashion brand in the entire planet,  is under fire for every kind of production scandals.

Zara focuses on the solidarity of its customers recycling used clothing

The low cost and fast fashion spanish giant  decides to safeguard its image in the eyes of the world, just now that the consumer global trends are changing in  favor of a more conscious consumer, and strategically makes the decision to aim for broke on solidarity and used clothes recycling.

Zara withdraws used clothing to donate to solidarity associations

For several months now, in Spain, Ireland, China, and Portugal, the Zara stores have a special section for the recollection of used clothing to be donated to local charities. By we discover today that the Spanish company since a few days ago also facilitates the recollection of used clothes for a good cause also from the online shop. At every order virtually  placed, you may decide to clean your wardrobe and do charity at the same time. Your car resend to Zara, your clothes of the brand in good condition but that maybe you do not enjoy so much, even not use anymore, and donate them for good cause (delivery is always free).

In Spain, recent thing then, in the Zara online store, every time you place an order, you can request a free pick-up of used clothing.

All clothing collected through the containers in physical stores and those collected at home are donated directly to Caritas,  Oxfam and CEPF, and other charity local companies.  What do you think about this new rycicling concept?