Verona’s Christmas Village flover: many new features for the 2016’s edition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the indoor Christmas market most famous in Italy.

A Magic Christmas in the Verona Village Flover


The Verona’s Christmas Village flover turns 20 and celebrates giving a big edition in style, full of news, courses and meetings to prepare for the most appreciated and awaited Christmast. A spell that for twenty years is renewed, making the dream of thousands of people who cross the magic.

Since the first edition, with an evocative set design inspired by the medieval town Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany, the Christmas Village flover has become the most famous  indoor Christmas market in Italy, with over 15,000 square meters.

Until mid-January 2017 The Verona Village Flover proposes a special market with original decorations and events related to the most popular festivities, attracting an average of 300,000 people each year. For 2016 many new features designed for the children, but also for the grown up, from snack to dinner with Santa, to visit Santa’s home, without forgetting the special gift meant for all children who will deliver their letter, the magic of Christmas Key .

Where Toys are Santa Claus

Once upon a time … For his twentieth birthday on Christmas Village flover gives a fairy tale. The entrance of the long-awaited edition opens its doors to the history of the village: the journey begins in Flover Christmas in a special full of memories library, where large volumes recall all editions of this magical world. From the first, inspired by the Christmas market in Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany, rising from year to year for the new locations, designed for each edition, always in line with the must-haves of the season and with Flover vocation for the passion and the search continues.

Step by step you get to the 2016 innovations, where the gnomes of Flover Christmas Village are already working. Including conveyor belts, bright and colorful gears tubes are building toys for children, so that everything is ready for the magical night of the gifts delivery. A unique toys factory, where kids can fantasize and discover how toys  asked to Santa Claus are built.

The protagonist of Santa Claus Toys Factory is the Village mascot, Teddy Bear, who is the guardian of the Toys  Factory. Teddy is a magical teddy bear who comes to life as soon as he sees the children, because he really wants to play and give them warm hugs.

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