What Are Some Of The Tools You Need As A Janitor?

When I was in high school I was given a job after school to work with the janitors. This was a good job that paid well and I got to hang out in the school after hours. I know, nerd right. Well, what that job gave me was a healthy work ethic that I hold till this day. For many, it has led to a good job in janitorial services in Austin.

What are the tools used by a janitor?

·    broom for sweeping and cleaning trash.

·    vacuum cleaner to clean the floors.

·    dust mop to clean carpets. Use only on dry carpet, wet will damage it.

·    water pressure washer for walls and equipment.

·    chemicals that can be used to clean or disinfect.

·    brushes for cleaning floors, walls, and equipment.

Good janitorial services will be able to tell you what is best suited for your business or home. The above tools are very generic in nature, they can do any job but I encourage you to look into getting some of the more specialized tools if you plan on cleaning a lot. Not only will they be lighter and easier to use but also take less energy and time to do the same job.

Taking pride in your work

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At the end of the day you don’t want to just do a job you want to do a job right and take pride in it. When a customer walks into a business, a teacher into a classroom or you walk down the street, know that what you did to make someone else day nice is appreciated.

Don’t mess up

If you are walking around the city or a building and you see a mess, pick it up. If we all take pride in ourselves and our environments, we can all live in a clean environment.